Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my thoughts..

95 more days..if everything goes well...I'll be back home, chilling with my ais kacang while sweating it out in the mamak stall.

Its gonna be the end of what i would call my 1st phase of life : the studying phase.
thinking about it, having been studying throughout all these years, what have I actually gained? have I been happy throughout this phase of my life? having to rush for exams all the time, making myself go through all that stressful adrenaline rushes of studying, sacrificing my deeply-needed sleep just to study! what have I done for myself throughout this 23 years of life? What would have happened if I did not walk through this phase of my life? There are so much more meaningful things to do and to discover in life. You only live life once, so live it to the fullest, as what the phrase says. Why am I putting myself through this whole big utter nonsense of studying? Tell me about that.

Im just not cut-out for studying. Lets hope this part of my life ends soon enough. Just can't wait for the next phase of my life. Just gonna learn how to appreciate the small things in my life instead...learn how to better love myself and the people around me...

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