Monday, June 24, 2013

I used to talk more, not anymore..

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Its been 4 years since my last post

Things have changed

and so have I

Question in my mind

Should you be staying in your job because you just love the perks of it or because u just love your job so intensely for no reason at all?

Sunday, February 8, 2009


yeah, abandoned blog! what a random title..

happy chinese new year a little late..2mrw chapgohmeh alrdy.well, hope u guys had a good time..i definitely had my good time! manage to get the whole 1st week off! which means i was off work from 1st day to 7th day of cny! hehe..ate all i wanted (since i did not have my share of cookies last year)..collected as much angpaus as i could! hehehe..n now im bck here in this ulu-fied place..sick n on-call!

*worse combination*

can't i not fall sick for once? i've been always sick since i started working in november. i guess this would be the 4th time in like..2 months? tonsilitis..and the whole works! except for fever..funny thing, im in this line, but i cant seem to cure myself? what an irony!
well, my 'doctor friends' suggest that i get my tonsils removed since ive always been falling sick!


tonsils removed = surgery



haha! no way im goin for a surgery man!thats nuts! that means slitting my throat and getting that thing out??? nooo nooo nooo...hahhhaha

anyways, things are much worse this weekend bcoz im on tdm call! ive to work, run some disgusting blood samples to get some weird readings, most of the time...yesterday morning (saturday) was still bearable, only had a call at 10am..this morning..i was woken up at 7.30am..paracetamol toxicity again! why patients must choose to overdose themselves with paracetamol and not other drugs leh?? me-mafan-kan! came bck..had my i went again to run another sample at 9am...came bck for lunch..had to go bck again at 3pm!! gah.h...thats like 3 times in a row! NUTS!

now ive dosed myself with piriton tabs to stop my leaky nose, n hoping it will make me all drowsy, so that i can get some rest! looks like its not working, coz im still blowing my nose like a useless trumpet! and wide awake blogging..

ok..enough of rants.

take care guys..

p/s: i miss home

Friday, January 9, 2009

TDM call.

..Therapeutic Drug Monitoring is what it stands for in full
..PCM toxicity-50 tabs since 11am (8 hours ago)
..patient was alert n conscious..xD haha! she was walking around the ward A&E ward!

conclusion: who says u will die when u eat 50 tabs of PCM/day?
PCM 500mg x50 = 25000mg/day

thats like a freaking 25g of paracetamol in ur body! hahahaha! how amazing! to bed...


Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!!

happy new year to ya all!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home Alone.

saturday, 27/12/08, 6.40pm.

and i'm in my room now, still in Temerloh, yet to go back, soon...very soon!
did my on-call this morning, from 9.00am-1.00pm in the OPD. thank goodness the crowd was still bearable, the pharmacy was not that crowded, if not i'll go nuts dispensing, with my minimal sexy-sounding voice!! yeah..


lost 90% of my voice i think, i sound more sexyyy now..yeah! i actually lost only 80% of my voice when i woke up this morning, but thanks to this aunty in the pharmacy this morning, she contributed to the additional 10% lost of my voice! grrrr..

Scenario: aunty comes in with a rx of effexor (venlafaxine) 150mg OD.
Dispensing scenario: dispenses Venlafaxine 75mg OD
me: aunty, take 2 tabs once a day after food.

aunty: but i usually take the 150mg OD one. don't you have the 150mg tablets?

me: no aunty, this is an expensive drug. (LP item) We only purchase the 75mg tablets. Its the same aunty. Just eat 2 tablets at once, it works out to be the same.

aunty: are u sure? i'm afraid the it will provide a different effect! i want the 150mg tabs. You really don't have it?

me: no, i'm so sorry. This is exactly the same medicine aunty. U just need to take two tablets, instead of one. * voice alrdy cracking up like a toad at that time!*

aunty: can i have the hospital tel. no? in case anything happens? =.=''

me: ok. I assure u that it is just the same. If there's anything, u can come directly to me, i guarantee u 100% that it works just the same like your 150mg tabs.


this patients drive me nuts!

yeap, had a not-so-nice 'fav' food..PORRIDGE. Only eat that crap when i'm sick!
got bck. washed my clothes..felt like I was in Glasgow again. But least there's a proper place to hang and dry my clothes, and not use the heater in my room, and the weather's much better here of least the sun shines, and the sky pours moderately..and the temperature doesn't fluctuate randomly! gahh...reminiscing bout the times in Glasgow..hahaha! how blessed am I to be home in my own countryland! kaka!

alright. so its dinner time. and i'm home alone.

should i cook?


this really feels like Glasgow.

and i'm kinda enjoying it actually.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Bandar Ikan Patin

hiehie! im this gonna be a monthly update thing? haha..i don't know man, have not been in the mood to blog lately, guess my lifestyle has changed, not so sedentary anymore these days since i started working.

ok.1st..sry for the random title. just wanted to update every1 about my life lately. i don't know who reads my blog and all, feels quite unread and deserted over here though..hahaha..ok..whatever..

so what i've been doing over these past few weeks? Well, its just very predictable. Work starts at 8am, ends at 5pm. Life for me begins after 5pm u see. Me n my other colleagues...hoho..colleagues seem like a really awesome word to use! LOLS..not coursemates, not classmates ok? Yea, since Temerloh is not so 'happening', people here are exceptionally healthy as they exercise whenever they have their free times..Its not like they hang out in shopping malls or anything like that, or sit home in front of the pc for the rest of the day..I came out with this conclusion because the parks have always been crowded with people jogging and exercising in the evenings, and its very difficult to find an available badminton court, if u do not book in advance! Yea, so make a guess of what i do after work! I excercise! LOLS..dats like the only thing i actually look forward to ok in a day..

We go for good dinners after that, as a treat for ourselves after a tiring day, and also not so guilty ma...excercise dy, no need to be afraid of getting fat or anything like that! hehehe! yea, as stated above, temerloh is suppose2b famous for its ikan patin! Yes, i've tried it! Honestly, its quite a yummy fish, not so much of a fishy smell, smooth flesh, best eaten when its steamed with ginger n garlic! hehehe! Theres some other pretty nice food in temerloh that i've tried. There's some really good ikan bakar and the tong sui (pak kor yi mai) which u can find in the same shop, really good....There's this kambing satay in Mentakab (near Temerloh) which is worth the try..

Yea, after reading this, i know whats popping in your mind! Don't u cook Alicia? NO, I dont. Why? coz im just too lazy to. I come back in the weekends, whenever possible, I come bck home every friday nite, and leave back to Temerloh on sunday evenings. If i cook there, i prefer to shop for groceries in temerloh itself, and not bring them over from puchong. imagine u transporting chicken and pork in ur luggage bag back there just to cook for the coming week? arghhh..just too lazy..

So, there u go, a brief update of what life has been for me in this couple of weeks.

Work has been all ok..I just take it as a routine.. u know...haha! well, pay its gona be out in 6 days time!! woohooo..something to look forward to! Well, at least i hope this would be an encouraging factor for me to work on Christmas day, and the weekend of Christmas! Gona be on-call during those life betul!

k to bed!
may u all have a good nites sleep!