Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home Alone.

saturday, 27/12/08, 6.40pm.

and i'm in my room now, still in Temerloh, yet to go back, soon...very soon!
did my on-call this morning, from 9.00am-1.00pm in the OPD. thank goodness the crowd was still bearable, the pharmacy was not that crowded, if not i'll go nuts dispensing, with my minimal sexy-sounding voice!! yeah..


lost 90% of my voice i think, i sound more sexyyy now..yeah! i actually lost only 80% of my voice when i woke up this morning, but thanks to this aunty in the pharmacy this morning, she contributed to the additional 10% lost of my voice! grrrr..

Scenario: aunty comes in with a rx of effexor (venlafaxine) 150mg OD.
Dispensing scenario: dispenses Venlafaxine 75mg OD
me: aunty, take 2 tabs once a day after food.

aunty: but i usually take the 150mg OD one. don't you have the 150mg tablets?

me: no aunty, this is an expensive drug. (LP item) We only purchase the 75mg tablets. Its the same aunty. Just eat 2 tablets at once, it works out to be the same.

aunty: are u sure? i'm afraid the it will provide a different effect! i want the 150mg tabs. You really don't have it?

me: no, i'm so sorry. This is exactly the same medicine aunty. U just need to take two tablets, instead of one. * voice alrdy cracking up like a toad at that time!*

aunty: can i have the hospital tel. no? in case anything happens? =.=''

me: ok. I assure u that it is just the same. If there's anything, u can come directly to me, i guarantee u 100% that it works just the same like your 150mg tabs.


this patients drive me nuts!

yeap, had a not-so-nice 'fav' food..PORRIDGE. Only eat that crap when i'm sick!
got bck. washed my clothes..felt like I was in Glasgow again. But least there's a proper place to hang and dry my clothes, and not use the heater in my room, and the weather's much better here of least the sun shines, and the sky pours moderately..and the temperature doesn't fluctuate randomly! gahh...reminiscing bout the times in Glasgow..hahaha! how blessed am I to be home in my own countryland! kaka!

alright. so its dinner time. and i'm home alone.

should i cook?


this really feels like Glasgow.

and i'm kinda enjoying it actually.


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Alison Chang said...

ahaha.. the patient thing was funny!! i could imagine you doing that.. hahaha.. funny!