Sunday, February 8, 2009


yeah, abandoned blog! what a random title..

happy chinese new year a little late..2mrw chapgohmeh alrdy.well, hope u guys had a good time..i definitely had my good time! manage to get the whole 1st week off! which means i was off work from 1st day to 7th day of cny! hehe..ate all i wanted (since i did not have my share of cookies last year)..collected as much angpaus as i could! hehehe..n now im bck here in this ulu-fied place..sick n on-call!

*worse combination*

can't i not fall sick for once? i've been always sick since i started working in november. i guess this would be the 4th time in like..2 months? tonsilitis..and the whole works! except for fever..funny thing, im in this line, but i cant seem to cure myself? what an irony!
well, my 'doctor friends' suggest that i get my tonsils removed since ive always been falling sick!


tonsils removed = surgery



haha! no way im goin for a surgery man!thats nuts! that means slitting my throat and getting that thing out??? nooo nooo nooo...hahhhaha

anyways, things are much worse this weekend bcoz im on tdm call! ive to work, run some disgusting blood samples to get some weird readings, most of the time...yesterday morning (saturday) was still bearable, only had a call at 10am..this morning..i was woken up at 7.30am..paracetamol toxicity again! why patients must choose to overdose themselves with paracetamol and not other drugs leh?? me-mafan-kan! came bck..had my i went again to run another sample at 9am...came bck for lunch..had to go bck again at 3pm!! gah.h...thats like 3 times in a row! NUTS!

now ive dosed myself with piriton tabs to stop my leaky nose, n hoping it will make me all drowsy, so that i can get some rest! looks like its not working, coz im still blowing my nose like a useless trumpet! and wide awake blogging..

ok..enough of rants.

take care guys..

p/s: i miss home

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