Saturday, November 10, 2007

a bad start..

weekend is here..yet i feel so lifeless, dead..

woke up this morning..felt a little sick..literally sick..coughing woke me up..guess the Flu virus is still lingering in my room somewhere..spent the rest of my morning in Tesco Extra doing our fortnightly grocery shopping....phew..what a morning!

got back..munch on almost 10 pieces (or perhaps more!) of cream crackers for lunch! coz i was just too lazy to make lunch today..and, spent the rest of my afternoon in the laundry room! how miserable that was!

in my room finally, settled down..felt like everything was not going right..just wanted to scream it all out..haha, oh well.i substituted that with singing! ahh..that was fun! i got it all out finally..for the day!

had dinner with fhern..overdosed of vege! >.< with fish&chips! =) and by the time im all settled down, ready to do some literature searching for my research project, there u go..its 11.15pm! gosh..what a miserable day! start to a bad weekend..


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