Monday, November 5, 2007

Bonfire Night @ Glasgow Green

a great night outing with my fellow friends! A night of FANTASTIC fireworks..accompanied by FANTASTIC music! very romantic atmosphere indeed..too bad..have not found my other half yet! xP..well...what are friends there for? we were practically dancing n screaming all the way throughout the fireworks was loads of fun..sort of letting everything out! haha!
anyway, theres some history behind this night where they called in the Bonfire Night which is held anually throughout UK!..if ur interested in knowing more, feel free to visit

well, other than the fireworks display which lasted about 20 minutes, the night would not be made perfect without a funfair!..they had the merry-go-rounds, the solero-shot-like thing, and many more others..brings back all the fact, i felt like i was in one of those movies for awhile..u know...with the 'funfair scene'..kaka!

anyway, had a great night out! shoutout to all my wonderful friends! love ya loads! muacks!

p/s: i feel much much better now. thank God for that..thank u to all my friends who were there for me in those miserable momments! thank u mommy for ur leung cha! wouldnt have been what i am now without those bitterish stuff! love ya all!


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