Friday, March 14, 2008

The Journey..

Today we had the final lecture to attend to, the last in our entire pharmacy degree programme..Is that something to be happy about or perhaps something that I would miss? Well, everybody was really enthusiastic about it. The class was never so well-occupied, saw faces that I've never seen before. We had a Dress Code to follow:

Dress code: Labcoats + BNF + lab goggles

A photo session followed after the end of lecture. We had a brief video presentation displaying our pass happy n not so happy momments throughout our lives in IMU right up till today in Uni of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Well, time flies i guess. Reminiscing about the old days, our 1st day at IMU on the 14th February 2006, how we SURVIVED our orientation week, how we had to eat 'jap fan' everyday for lunch, all the sweat, tears and laughters we had together while preparing for our EOS every semester, all the dress code days we had, all the activities that we successfully carried out together as a batch. Well, its been a long and winding journey indeed..but these memories will surely last!

Now, its the momment we've all been waiting for..To pass with flying colours, and to graduate with honour! Its the last bit of this journey.Packed with assignments and studying, its definitely gonna be a rough winding end..Only to be strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually ....will this journey end with joy and contentment!

All the best to us!!!

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