Friday, March 7, 2008

where shall i start?

hie hie!! welcome welcome..haha.i know..its been way too long since i posted an alphabet here..haha..its about time..before fungi, algae, moss start to build up..kaka

where should i start? hmm...

well.. this week was a totally stressed up week thats for sure. I had a CPP essay to was due today..a 3000 word so-called-evidence-based essay...which i crap about almost everything...perhaps 2999 words didn't make sense i think..well..u tell me what u think when i first read this:

"A 56-year old man have type 2 diabetes uncontrolled by diet"

i know..its just one sentence..EXACTLY! how on earth do u expect me to crack up something from just 1 sentence? this is not some creative writing man..its SCIENTIFIC..its FACTUAL..its PHARMACY!!! haha...why did i take pharmacy anyway? ... least i did something i enjoyed doing this week..I participated in a choir performance on wednesday night..check some pics out here..
there'll be more pics coming out for that..

ok..i realise i do not have any CNY post..well, happy POST-chinese new year everyone! haha..nothings too late right? its still 2008..hehe...its still part of a new year..isn't it? haha..
well..ive got some pics to post up on that as well...maybe in the next post..

look out for my pics...
have a nice day everybody! cheers!

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