Friday, January 25, 2008

cny mood...

2008 will be my first ever chinese new year without my family, my cookies, my mandarin oranges, my angpaus, my new year tree, my new year clothes!!!! haha..and the list goes on...there are so many things to do, to play, to eat, in this great celebration! aih..and what will i be doing on that day? perhaps going for classes...aihs.s.....oh missing home alrdy..

well, look on the bright side ALICIA KANG..u get to LOSE SOME WEIGHT! its about time!! haha..oh wait..perhaps NOT, i almost forgot i have my great wonderful friends all around me here! in fact, we're so close to each other, we're like a family now! ya all lots!! muahmuah! we are so gona have a feast here during new year! i dont care!! i want my reunion steamboat! my tungkus! my prawns! my scallops! my cookies!! heheheehe!

see the pic below? hehe..guess what? its PINEAPPLE TARTS!!! haha...and its all thx to my awesome fantastic housemate, FIONNA TAN!! heheeeehehee!! so happy! thx fionna! love ya to the maxxx!


my early wishes! happy chinese new year everybody! hhahha!

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