Saturday, January 5, 2008

happy new year 2008 @ London

Happy new year everybody! my new year resolutions for this year? same old ones i guess, coz i don't seem to be able to achieve any every year. Well, most importantly i guess for this year, is to make sure i pass everything (with flying colours I HOPE) and graduate in June 08! ahh...that is what matters most to me now!

I welcomed the new year in London this year. Was a enjoyable & memorable 3-day trip indeed, although it was too short a trip i feel. The trip would also have been better if not for the rain and the freezing temperatures, not to mention the chilly winds! I would definitely go back! probably during summer instead.

In the plane, way too bored! =.=
Victoria Station @ London

Stayed in Globetrotter Inn Hostel..Pretty and nice!
Chinatown in London! dim sum shop for lunch!! ahhhh!
fried dumplings.yums!
vegeterian dumplings.this is something i will not touch in dim sum! =.=
wahh!! char siew pau..beat that! hehe!
'lo bak ko' ( i think its called white carrot cake in English, isit?)
steamed chicken feet
fu chok!! I've to admit..this tasted better than the ones I've had all my life in Malaysia..Reason? I guess its the gravy that comes with it..that makes a whole lot of gives it the succulent feel..ahh...hehe!
siew mai egg tarts! too was way too small to satisfy me! BUT! it was just yummy! =)
this is not curry puff if u think it is..It looks like it, but does not taste like it..erm, it has some redbean paste..a sweetish n OILY pastry i would describe it..
hongkong chee cheong fun..the prawn version..i expected at least MEDIUM sized prawns! look what came out? 'har mai'!! great dissapointment! =.=
the char siew version..this is much nicer!
how good it was? hehe..a picture tells a thousand words! =P

Covent Garden..Its what I would call 'KL Central Market' of London.. The only difference is the ambience and the price! LOLS..and the atmosphere of course!

just loved the deco!
there was some random street was like a live orchestra! and they played all fantastic numbers of classical music..ahhh..totally melted my heart! =D and the best part is..all of them seemed just so spontaneous! just AWESOME!

Trafalgar Square

We reached London's eye at 6.30pm just to get the best spot we can find..unfortunately, there were alrdy so many ppl around us, an estimate of around 700,000 human beings were on that street that night just for the countdown! we managed to 'conquer' a spot right in the middle view of London's eye, though not right in front..knowing we are 'dwarfs' among the rest of the ppl there..hehe! Honestly, the fireworks were MAGNIFICENT, but...........most dissapointing was the music that 'entertained' us for 6 was...i wont even call it music..just LOUSY!! all courtesy of BBC Radio...aih.

At the stroke of midnight..the greatest BIGGEST fireworks i've ever seen in my life! just superbly SUPERB!!!!!

Happy New Year! went to watch the new year parade. Honestly, this is the longest parade i've seen...It lasted for more than 2 hours, it was just too cold after 2 hours. We were practically frozen there, and yet the parade was not the end, we gave up, we just left and headed on for lunch..View of London's Eye by day..
Big Ben

Westminster Abby
Started off with a cold chilly morning..Visited Buckingham Palace to see the ceremonial procession of the exchange of royal guards.

We decided to go Vietnamese for lunch..i had beef noodles..

Oxford Street..2km shopping street...yet because of time-constraint, could only spare 1 hour..and managed to only enter 5 shops! came out empty-handed! favourite department! hehe

Any souvenirs?
egg tarts & a look alike dunkin donuts. Its called Krsipy idea why though.its not crispy neither is isit creamy..haha.weird! well, dunkin donuts would still b at the top position of my list! hehe
apple crumble donut.Rating? not nice..

Goodbye London..

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