Monday, January 21, 2008


its 2008..a brand new year.yet im here, having a bad start to a new year..

well, ever since i got back from london, ive been busy preparing for my final year research project.First, it was goin shopping all around north, south, east, and west of Glasgow finding for paracetamol tablets, the source of my project. and my oh my, that was just the begining of my long-lost journey..labs started..being very optimistic, i thought everything would just go the way i hope it would..well, sometimes, its not a good thing to build castles in the air they would say..
obstacles were just coming; one after another, as though it was a never-ending road i was trodding..and it really never seemed to end, right up till this second..well, i would see the last of labs this wednesday like it or not, i dont know whether i should celebrate or mourn for it though. Current situation: almost done with what im suppose to be doing, but...but because results dont look very convincing, that calls for repeats...and u know how sucky it feels to start from scratch again..

i had to resit for this paper called Pharmacy Practice 3 today. The word 'resit' would freak anyone out i guess..oh well, never thought it'll be easy, and it wasnt at all..had a mere bit of confidence before entering the room, yet..all was shattered when i saw all 5 prescriptions that i had to complete in 3 hours. Sometimes, telling yourself to do the best u can is easy, but not when u actually face it in reality..its just 2 different things..u dont feel it until u experience it..well, i really dont wana see my results. im just praying very hard now, that perhaps, a miracle might happen..
ok..this is a distressing post..Im sorry for that. well, at least i know i still can put my hope above, to someone whom i'll always have faith in..someone within me...

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cYbeR FiSh™ said...

heyz,the one above is a specialist in the supernatural!cheerios =)