Thursday, May 22, 2008

BBQ @ JBC of today's and more photos..and MORE! =)

lets start with the desserts 1st..hehe!

see the marshmallows? see the stove? hhaha. this is the fastest and most convenient practical way of doing it...hmm...xD

choco-banana duo..fuh..this is a must-have in bbq..(though we oven-baked it) haha! *drools*

our FOOD!!!

wahh..see my salad? hehehe!

Sangria..(a wine punch from Portugal).courtesy of Phuay Fhern...=)

cincau!!! courtesy of Baox2.haha

aww..whos that loving couple over therE?hehe....dont kill me leah for posting this up!xD

chicken wings!!

ooo.hoo...all the lengluis!


phuayfhern said...

Sangria is Spain larh.... kesian bayar banyak banyak to go Barcelona to have a drink of Sangria in the La Ramblas market, but now forgotten about it pulak!

Anyways, the BBQ-nite was terrrrific except the fact that the wind blew into our bones. In the end, we had to do 2nd-round in JBC because our BBQ-pit died off. kakakakak.

Super bahagia with all you gals. LOVE ya all lots! mwahhhhh!

aLLy said...

aiyoh..spain and portugal near each other..haha..sama sama la..
yea man..when we can finally bbq all we want, the weather starts to act up..=.=