Thursday, May 22, 2008


It has finally come to an end...after 1 over month stuck in the room with a lack of fresh air and sunshine, its finally over!!! haha..lets hope it really is man...all i need is a PASS! and off i go..a CERTIFIED PHARMACIST! $$$$ here i come! haha!

ahhhh....*a sigh of relief*

NO MORE milk+coffee...*yUcK*
NO MORE droopy eyes..
NO MORE 'spare tyres'...i'm so determined that i WILL shed it all off before i head back home!

most importantly...

no more looking at words..reading something that will never make sense! or trying so hard just to remember a drug in development or in clinical trials...which cant darn have a proper name but rather some odd 3-numbered combination code like RSD-921, or even within the 26 alphabets, the most complicated arrangement of alphabets must be chosen..'anilinoquinazolines' or perhaps 'pyrolopyrimidine'!! why cant they name a drug with a more sensible easier-to-remember-not-so-complicated name? PHARMACY.. just a weird degree? haha...

ok..enough of talking about so sick of it!

HIGHLIGHTS of today..the 1st day of my ultimate independence...
..woke up at 11am...
..wore a polo-T with shorts and flipflops out to do some grocery at Tesco...(felt like i was back in Malaysia for once xD..
..prepared bbq stuff..
..had just an awesome bbq nite..
..sitting in my room now chilling the night away...

ahh..a GREAT start!

there's definitely more to come...hehe!
watch out for my coming updates!



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