Tuesday, October 28, 2008

temerloh here i come!

alrite..i'm back home again, settled down, got enough sleep, and back to blogging!

ive been working at this retail pharmacy outlet in subang. just when im about to feel comfortable there, the letter comes and tell me im gona be sent to PAHANG! though its been just a short while there, i've experienced lots of funny and not so funny stuff as well..haha..let me share with u some of the scenarios that i can remember..

..old man comes in and buys condoms, tries to hide it, and stares at you like you've done something wrong when u try to offer him some help! kaka

..woman comes in and says that she does not know why her mences aint coming, she might either be pregnant or menapousing, coz the symptoms for both are the same..=.='

..i was trying to learn how to prick the guys finger to test for blood glucose levels..he sort of freaked out and screamed asking the boss to help out, coz i was alrdy freaking out myself, since its my 1st time doing that..and my boss tells me that i've been too gentle, ive to squeeze that guys finger harder so that more blood oozes out! yucks!

..this guy comes in with blood pressure of
190/115...and still Smiles and thinks that hes all normal, when the ideal reading should be around 120/80!! crazy ppl, his blood vessels may explode anytime man!

generally, its been a great experience working there, at least it helped to removed some of the rust in my brain, knowing now that in less than a weeks time, ive to leave for temerloh, pahang to work in the hospital for at least a year! that means leaving home again....removing all my stuff from the cupboard again into the miserable suitcase.....arghhh...hate shifting, hate moving around!

well, hope everything goes well then for me..its gona be a whole new experience again!

to all my mates who r gona start working on 3rd nov,all the best to u guys n gals!

p/s: im gona leave on sunday, gona report in kuantan on monday morning, before i shift myself to temerloh..


Velerena sam said...

so you are not leaving this friday? meaning i still will see you this saturday? correct? ;D

aLLy said...

yeap yeap..so glad i can make it 2church this saturday! =)