Friday, October 31, 2008

i'm leaving...on a jet plane..

hhaha..not really a jet plane though, just a car...although i loveee that song! many questions running thru my mind now..

is there gonna be any internet connection over there? ok, since im staying in a friends place for the time being, perhaps no internet, but lets hope this be a temporary thing only..i'll make sure i get a house with some internet line provided!

is temerloh a town consisting of two streets only? good food...where am i gona get my nyonya kuih, my 'har ko' chee cheong fun, my roti telur bawang?
okla, they may have mamak there..may..

is there STAR newspaper there? a daily newspaper reader ok? what am i going to do in that isolated town man? other than read newspaper!

although this is not the 1st time im leaving home, things will definitely be different than before. Its not gonna be like life in Glasgow..although I dont have a car there, things are accesible by sitting 'bus no.11' (I learn this from a lame friend; bus no.11= walking with ur two legs! wth!)
imagine u walking by the road in the horribly HOT weather with MAX UV race! and every 100 metres, there'll be this i***ts whistling at u or screaming some s**t at u! crazy sex maniacs! i gonna survive this?

*a moment of silence*

YES i can get through this!


i might not be blogging again till i settle down!

have a good day every one! and sayonara for now!

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me0wster said...

You Have internet there!!