Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm in Temerloh!!

I am here, finally here, started working 'officially' as a pharmacist in a really NICE, relatively NEW government hospital! trust me...theres nothing much more u can ask for when u step in this hospital! So what if it has a complicated name; Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah! HoSHAS is what ppl call it around here, coz its just too much for a hospital name! haha!

alrite..hows life around here?

Life's good! I'm just totally blessed.Iive got a place to stay the minute i stepped in temerloh grounds, on the very 1st day. Am currently stayin now in the Hospital quarters, which is merely a 5min walk away from the hospital. I know the word 'quarters' sounds a little, erm...kampung-ish? runned down? yeah, i know thats just totally not the right word to use! hmm...Wait till i get some pics of this apartment! Hehehe...U guys will b so so shocked! Basically, my wonderful housemate, a pediatrician, was offered this unit to stay in, but shes got like an extra room vacant for now, so i'm sharing a room with another of my buddy, from IMU as well..It's good in that way, removes some of the 'lonely periods' while im here i guess. haha!

Whats in Temerloh? ok, for u guys who still have no idea where temerloh is, *I never knew temerloh was in pahang ok before i got offered here, it sounded to me like it was in Perak or something* kakaka! ok,its in the state of Pahang! hehehe! For shopaholics, this is not a place for u...coz there's no shopping malls, megamalls and whatsoever..The only shopping that u can get its perhaps grocery shopping, with small supermarkets popping up in the middle of shoplots. Well, not really a problem for me actually, since i work from 8am-5pm everyday, and i go back to KL like every life still moves on, least for the weekends! hehe! ..its not all bad orite..

We met up with some really nice buddies, who always offer to drive us around, and pay for our meals! hahaha! told u, i'm just totally blessed! gosh, u know who u are..thanks guys! We are not starving here ok!!! mommy daddy! I'm eating very VERY well here! We have like 5-8 course dinner almost every nite! and we have fantastic lunches as well, if time permits us to go out for lunch! *esp on fridays..hehehe..TGIF* other days, we just stick to the cafeteria in the hospital, where i'll just stuff myself with some rice (which is just not nice at all, and expensive at the same time) =.=' or some bun or some kuih for lunch..

I'm not exactly a qualified pharmacist yet right now, i've got a special title..hehe..'provisionally registered pharmacist' in short, basically, we are sent to every department in the hospital, just to make sure we know our stuff at our fingertips, so that when we are out from this government service after 4 years, and we're on our own, we wont be blur about anything, like how i'm exactly feeling right now at work! haha! So, I'm at my 2nd dept right now, I was in DIS ( Drug Info Service) for 2 weeks, dont ask me what i do there. We're suppose to answer any queries about medicines thru telephone calls that we received..but fortunately, or unfortunately..h.ahaha...not much ppl will call / use this! i dont do much of a thing there..

Well, today was my 1st day at FKP (farmasi klinik pakar) ...its like the outpatient dept generally, I sat behind the counters, packing medicines, checking prescriptions, calling doctors when there are any query in the prescriptions, and also taking care of the DD (dangerous drugs) which are really exclusive, coz there are like about 10 of them ONLY, all stored in a cupboard in a room, its like i'm appointed to keep track of the movement of these medicines, and if i lose even 1 DD tab, im basically dead meat la..So, yea..theres basically it..I'm gonna b here for quite some time i guess, so like it or not, gona be stuck here la..I foresee that I've gota learn lots of things from scratch again..oh of a pharmacist! =.=' a working woman, my sleeping time now is officially at 11pm.
haha..awfully no life! i know..


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