Thursday, September 6, 2007

top 10 effects of sem6!

semester 6 has come n gone..n i realised that sem6 has really changed me in one way or another..haha..lets se what have i goes..

1) gain 2kg....n more to come (thats for sure! O.o)

2) FIRST white hair in my entire life!

3) change of taste buds..maggi mee is now my favourite food..hated porridge so much in the past..loving it now..

4) insomnia..proven because unable to fall asleep before 2am every nite

5)aka cookie monster in the cookies to the max...any would do..sweet, sour, salty, u name it..i love it!

6) not a milk drinker in the past..accepting the fact that drinking milk here is a neccesity because its cheap n taste better anytime than the ones bck home

7) improved cooking skills *thats a good thing* least i can cook more than just maggi mee and fried egg now!

8) an 'aunty' in the making...only go for the cheapest yet the best of anything in the grocery store!

9) been starved of seafood..coz its one of the most expensive foodstuffs sold here..the closest u can get is fish fillets.which u can get from of the cheapest yet as yummy as ever!

AND FINALLY...........

10) is now a more thrifty person *i hope so* haha...thinks a few times before purchasing something...*not at all times ive to admit* but definitely much more thrift-ier than at home!


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