Friday, October 12, 2007

emo week

its been a long long time since ive been inspiration i guess to pen anything down.>.<

anyway, its been a tough week for me this idea why, havent got the mood to do anything at mood to even talk..believe that! guess i'll just express it all out in here..feel so tired living in my own life..feel like getting out of everything..just start again, u know perhaps with a new identity, new look, new everything! wouldnt that be just wonderful sometimes? why do i have to go on here, feeling dreadful everyday? when are things gona change? when im i gona feel 'hype' up again? arghhh..i hate myself for being like that.



LiNg@hCmM said...

Dearest ah cia, cheer up!! We are always here for you... Always willing to be ur faithful listener... Can tell us just everything and anything, be it happy or unhappy, okie? We love you!! Hugz... Sayang sayang, aight? =)

aLiCiA a.k.a aLLy said...

thx ah pei ling..muacks!