Sunday, October 28, 2007

a night to remember...

It was a Thursday. What can be worse than a whole long line of lectures throughout the day? Fourtunately, there was CEILIDH (Scottish traditional dance) to complete my day! it was truly a Scottish night.

The night started off with a Scottish dinner; being served with haggis (sheep internal organs), neeps (turnips) and tatties (mash potato). It was not the best dinner I've ever had, but I'm still glad bcoz u can never get to try these stuff back home! no regrets! hehe.

Then, the atmosphere of the room was filled with a 20 minute display of Scottish music, performed by the OTC pipe band. These guys are real good although i've to admit that the music was quite monotonous, and i could not differentiate between them all..Well, every music has its own beauty i guess!

The night went on with the start of the Ceilidh band filling the room with Ceilidh music. This genre of music is one of its kind! Its unique as there is only an accordian and violin accompanied by a keyboard, composing together a fun-filled happy-going music which lasted throughout the night. Its what i feel a combination of jive, foxrot, and even some waltz! believe that! haha! We were taught the different dances, involving very energetic moves, yet still easy and fun to dance with! It was truly a night to be remembered!