Monday, October 15, 2007

a good start...

ever heard of the saying that unhappy things will eventually come to an end, and that happy momments will only come after the unhappy ones have pass away?...

haha..ok..i dunno how to put them in nice colourful pretty words..but the fact that i screwed my hsemates external hdd this morning..ALMOST screwed it up..i felt like nothing can be worse than that, especially when she has no backup at all..every single file is in that hdd...i panicked of course! contacted whoever that i could contact to ask for help...thankfully, one HEBAT guy from our class manage to fix the problem...weee..DESMOND..THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (haha..doubt he knows i even hv a blog>.<)

to top that up, i managed to touched a piano..played on it for 45 minutes!!! ahhhhhhhh..satisfying! mesmerising! lols! i've been wanting to lay my hands on one..its been 4 months over since i last played on one..ahhh..lifes good! and in 30 minutes time, im gona treat my vocals to some singing! hehe..always looked forward to can my Monday ever been better than today?...=)


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