Tuesday, August 28, 2007

said a lil prayer for myself..

it was about to come to an end..just a little more to go...one more paper...stood firm..strived ahead.....and.......poof! there u go...screwed the whole 3 hour paper! aihs..

when can i depart with this subject? getting so tired with this dispensing paper PP3...thought i'll be able to get thru this and just forget all about it!all i need is a pass...why cant i pass? why cant i do better? now ive to prepare myself emotionally on how to tackle with the results when it comes out in about 3 weeks time! can a miracle happen? can i get through this? is it still possible? i know with man all things are impossible, but with God all things are possible though...cant do much now..prayer would be the answer to all things..who knows what will happen in the future except God Himself?.have faith and trust in Him!

am suppose to be celebrating tonight because holidays officially start today, did went to this place called 'the goose' for dinner with my fellow friends..yeah..food was great..had Smothered Chicken....but mood was much turned around due to the paper earlier..hope i'll be able to sleep thru it...and wake up 2mrw to start a brand new day! and a months long holiday..


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