Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

In a cold and sunny day today, a gurl by the name of Alicia Kang decided to leave home to 'learn' some history of the place shes living in currently, Glasgow, Scotland..Although history was never a fav subject for her, yet as the wise men would say, 'one would never stop learning, because one cannot stop learning just about anything...lets see what she has 'learnt' in a day at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum....

my 1st life-view of a pipe organ! COOL!!!!

my fellow chi-muis: from, christine,
ah xin, su ann, lee yin

see the way the pics are arranged

haha...good imitator huh?

bright vibrant colours! good to vibe things up!

check the women painted in the darker shade, doesnt she look like the shadow of the brighter
painted one? the wonders of art...

just a random painting..

Makintosh work of art!

is she/he a guy or a gurl? see the b**bs? kaka

hanging heads! my fav part of the museum!

a less close up pic of it!
haha...naked is beautiful! >.<
another random painting
ancient ppl have cool jewellery too!
love this dress! according to history, the sleeves of this were sown in such a way that it minimised the arm movements of those poise ladies! hoping they would walkn look 'poise' all the time! life! hehe

an outfit fit for a king!

feel the ambience of the museum.....ahh..FANTASTIC!

conclusion, had a great time, although not much was least had the fun of taking pics all the way! haha!!

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