Tuesday, August 14, 2007

my independence!

life oh life..why cant u be like that everyday? had a blast celebrating the end of our exams just now..went to O'Neills for dinner..ahhh...nothing can beat the salmon skewers served there! its mouthwatering, and for a gurl who has not eaten REAL, FISH MEAT for 2 over months now, what more can she ask for but fish..and not ordinary ones, but yummy pieces of salmon meat topped up with healthy salad and fresh bread? ahhh....too bad i dint manage to capture some nice pics of it...had a few shots, but using only a camera phone..will get it posted up if possible..anyway, knowing me..one lazty fella who prefers to write den to post up pics! haha..i will ok..will try my best! at least the determination is there....hehe!

tomorrow will be a continuation of my hype-up merdeka self...gona go shopp till i drop thruout the day with my hsemate! weeee....im not gona do any conversions, or deal with whatever exchange rates for 2morw! argh...just buy what i wana buy! and eat what i wana eat! it'll be a day of let-it-all-go..hehe.....this is exactly what i call 'Alicia Kang's destressing theory'!


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