Friday, August 3, 2007

oh where oh where has my blogging mood gone?

hey everyone far n wide across the globe!

i know my blog has been dead since june..gosh..its august now? is it? feel like ive lost track of time suddenly..time flies..time really flies! what have i been up to lately?

*been indoors most of the time..reason? unpredictable weather with unpredictable winds that makes u feel like u just wana hibernate in ur room..n they call this summer in scotland! huh?

*studying..still trying to get into that momentum..that 'nerdish' momentum to stay in ur room n not get distracted every 5 mins, eating or sleeping or just doin anything else BUT study! n the worse part is, keeping the momentum for a whole LONG month of august! life is no life with exams every single week! arghh

*eating lots n lots of GREAT LUXURIOUS FOOD!!! and i mean it! who would ever have 'goreng pisang' here in Scotland? who would ever even think of making it...except for my lovely hsemates? keke....*big shoutout to phuayfhern* u rock to the max! the ultimate chef in the making!

gona post some pics up soon..on my previous outings! watch out for it!

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me0wster said...

I want that kind of weather here..