Wednesday, August 8, 2007

post-FMT1 having the post-exam syndrome now...EATING!!!

cant my life not revolve around exams? why is semester 6 such a cramped up semester? why am i in pharmacy even in the 1st place? would i have done better if i was given more time? or would it even make a difference if i did not study at all? questions oh questions...more n more of them seem to be popping up my head these days...seriously, up till now, ive gone thru 15 years of my life studying! getting really bored with it...guess im not cut up for doin any further research or post-grad or pHD or whatever u call it..coz i cant wait to get over with these and start working..and hopefully, earn some big bucks$$$$$!!! xD haha.. anyway, how do i unstress and unwind? EAT!!!! eating soothes the body, the soul and the mind! just let urself go...and EAT everything and anything u would want is short..u only live once in this world..what life would be the meaning of life if humans dint have to eat? i wonder... anyway, stress level is at its peak has overtaken no longer in control of it..and its gona last for the rest of this month..hopefully not longer than that, that is..if i dont have to resit any of my papers..gosh..will be having FMT2 degree paper on monday, followed by a PP3 exemption paper the following day..hope i'll manage to survive the two...n not screw anything up like what i did today..aihs...just let the bygones be the goin to move on with my life..move forward and not turn back..

p/s: bombay mix is the ultimate remedy to calm the exam nerves!

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