Thursday, December 20, 2007

home sweet home..

Its been 6 (SIX) longggggggggg months ever since i had a PERFECTLY REUNION-LIKE HOME-COOKED FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!woo hoo!!!!!!! my friends just roxx! i started off with a night out to Asian Style Restaurant on the day i finished my exams..(will post that pics up later)..and as though that was not enough, had a 2nd round of all-goodness the next day! had a combined reunion-tong yuin-dinner with my hsemates & neighbour hsemates! was a blast!!!! check these out!...

chef at work!hehe..

another chef at work!

*posers* kakaka! wantans!!!!

too long a wait...*i'm hungry* kaka..(kah yie in the pic)

*ooo...i cant bear the wait anymore*...want a piece of orange anybody?

1st dish: loh mai kai

yumss! beloved 'tungkus'! how much do i miss u! >.<
2nd dish: 'tungku kai keok' haha..translation: mushroom & chicken feet! my fav man! =D

3rd dish: my fried wantans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oo...look at my beloved wantans..hehe!

4th dish: vege is a must have!

5th dish: PRAWNS!! check the size out!! this is considered L size in Glasgow!! haha..(thanks loads to kahyie.)

6th dish: steam fish

7th dish: 'nam yu' fried pork! ..translation: some preserved red bean curd marinated fried pork! taste best with thai sweet chilli sauce!! ahhhh.heaven!

of course...whats dinner without white rice?

ahh..dessert was 'tong yuin'.although didnt taste very tong-yuin-ish..haha...(u know & i know) >.<, it was the company that matters most! =) thx everyone!! love ya loadsss!

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~ming~ said...

oh my gosh, you guys are making me regret coming to kiruna!! food food food!! miss u guys loads loads! wish u guys were here!