Saturday, December 8, 2007

missing home..

or rather missing my piano more precisely..

well...its been awhile since i posted anything here..updates?

-done and finished with the hospital case presentation..ahh.that was a relief!

-finally, handed up the 1st intro draft of my research thats a 2nd relief!

-now for the finale..EXAMS! thats such a BIG word..yikes! the worst has to be the last! got a paper on the 17th..thats 7 days away..n just manage to flip through a few pages till it just me? or why does 1 page seemed so long? it feels like every page is a never ending page! n i've got 4 never ending chapters to 7 days! that means i've got 7 more miserable days to bear! before HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!! ok..lets push that aside..

-as a future pharmacist, i dont even know what im suffering from! ive been having episodes of extreme fullness after meals, a feeling like i-wana-puke after meals, the word is BLOATED i guess..and stomach feels funny..ive been having this recurrent pains as well..which feels like gastric! i goin physcologically nuts? or is it really some medical problem im having that needs some serious medical attention? im just gona bear with this till at least the 17th..arghh..what has Glasgow made me into man!

-i seriously, honestly, desperately need a piano RIGHT NOW!!!! im missing it soooo much, i cant even bear to look at my notes anymore! home oh, mum..can u please cargo my piano over, like pos laju or something? =.= treat having my comfort food now..MAGGI MEE!! to make sure i reach my comfort zone before i start mugging all those neverending words later..although maggi mee cant replace my need for piano, at least it can satisfy my stomach!!!! wee...maggi mee..muah!

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