Sunday, December 9, 2007

tropical fruits!!

i know..this is a totally random post.but who cares? cause i miss fruits!!! esp tropical ones..arghh..

The List:

1) nangka..and fried cempedak...oooo..*drools*

2) the red-bell-shaped fruit..i call it jambu air..

3) guava, esp those seedless ones with lots of asam...ahh!! missing those days in IMU!

4) chinese pears

5) ciku

6) rambutan

7) duku langsat

8) mangosteen

9) pineapple

10) papaya

11) those small mangoes..i call it paper-seed mangoes..darn sweet!!!!!!!!!

12) fresh chinese dates, those really crunchy ones..i think come direct frm china one..

13) pessimons *thx fhern..xD*

14) custard apple

and the list goes on...can anyone get me any of these least one of any of these within these 6 months time? >.< gosh..ive to wait 6 more months before i get to munch on all of!!

ok..random gila..bck to the boring life of drug delivery systems!


LiNg@hCmM said...

Go seduce the owner of Chung Ying or Matthew ba... Think they are the most likely ppl here to help curb ur cravingssSSS lor... Kaka...

Go, Ah Cia!!!~~ XD

aLiCiA a.k.a aLLy said...

hhaha..all old man la in chung ying..i duwan!! ewwwww!!!! not until thatt desperatee.......kaka

me0wster said...

nangka.. check..
jambu air.. check..
guava.. check..
ciku.. check..
papaya.. check!!

Hehehe, all in my fridge!!