Wednesday, June 18, 2008


im back!! i know, have not been blogging lately. whoops!! just that so many things have been happening lately, and i've been out everyday...just a whole new life!! not complaining, am enjoying life like heaven now! haha. i've been wanting to blog about my previous trip to amsterdam in april, but never had the chance to. well, guess i'll do it in a few days time. *fingers crossed*

anyways, turned 23 a few days ago. officially old! TWENTY-THREE! wow..see the wrinkles there? see the age spots? haha...well, my wonderful friends, as they have always been, celebrated this special occasion with me! hehe...well, there was actually a double celebration, but let me just blog about this 1st.=)



food food and food

tri-flavoured fish.WOW!


choc fondue. i know, thousands of calories in here..right? argh..haha...but this was the best part of the night.haha!
choc brownie

Happy Birthday to me!!

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