Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pharmacy Graduation Ball 2008

Finally, i'm officially a pharmacist now! wow..3 1/2 years..poof! gone! yeap, and its just a relief that its all over now. well, that calls for a celebration. Pharmacy Graduation Ball 2008. Just a fantastic night with great company and great entertainment! what a night!

they just can't let us live one night without any pharmacy element can't they? lolz. other tables had names like L.A.B.A, methadone, Ducolax, etc.
for the 1st time, I enjoyed white wine!

The Food

The Guys

The Gurls

Congratulations to the pharmacy class of 2008! we finally made it! woohoo!!

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ti3nD said...

wahhh so cun!!

and why each of u update your blog on ball so fast!!!! arrggghhh.