Friday, June 6, 2008

last day @ JBC

last day at James Blyth Court.

its been a year now.

this second one year ago i was busy packing stuff out of my gigantic luggage bag .

this second now im busy packing stuff into my gigantic luggage bag.

time flies. it really does.

a year has passed. all the memories, sweet and sour, will surely b remembered.

life has been tough at times, but with HIM above and with all the support from family and friends, i have manage to finish this race, and FINALLY, there'll be no more classes to attend, no more lecture notes to read, no more burning midnight more..NO MOREEEEEEEE!!!!!!

graduation on the 30.6.08

flying back on the 30.7.08

holidays in between.

ahh..that is what i call life!

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