Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i am back!

wah..rotting again my blog..been lazing around, ignoring to blog, although theres nothing else to do...gosh everythings rotting, my blog, my brain...everything! guess have to start working soon, if not really everything will kulat dy, and nobody would want to employ such a 'qualified' pharmacist! ahem! xD

today is the 23rd, am goin back on the 30th, maths please? haha..7 more days!!!! woohoo..1 more week..and off i go flying back to my malaysian food!! wah! 1 week!!!! i just cant believe it, time flies! i remember marking off in the calendar as the months passed by, yet, it seemed like it was never gonna end..all the classes, exams, then assignments, then exams again..and more exams! 'kon lou' pan mee!!! wahh...i miss u so much!!! so so so much! am gona just feast on my mamak and 'loklok' when i touch down at KLIA before midnight on the 31st, and den am gona feast on my pan mee for brkfast the next morning, and eat as much hawker food as my stomach capacity can take for the rest of the day! not to mention my juicy, succulent malaysian fruits, guava and sour mango with lotslotslots of assam! fuiyoh!! keng!!

ok..enough of mouth-watering blogging! gonna miss glasgow as well, of course! and its definitely gonna be a sad thing that im gona end my journey here. its been a great year studying here in Glasgow, ive learnt so many things, understood the important lessons in life, learnt how to be a better person in the future (hopefully) *fingers crossed* ! life has just been great over here. im really gonna miss every single bit of my life here, and dont want it to end so quickly honestly. but every beginning has an ending, guess this memorable journey will definitely make a significant mark in my life and it will surely be remembered!


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