Thursday, August 7, 2008


im back home! home to where i belong. good 'ol malaysia!
its been a week since i got back.
things have changed. i dont know whether its for the better or worse though. =.=

shifted to a new hse in puchong, which is darn far...its not any nearby tesco or giant or IOI mall, its way beyond that, lets just say its nearing putrajaya?!?! totally undeveloped area. just a few shophouses surviving. imagine if u do not own a car?? like me! miserably miserable!

ive got to start working soon, if not i'll be officially bankrupt! haha. and thinking that everything in malaysia would be dirt cheap compared to UK, my mind was all set to divide all the prices in RM by 7. Surprisingly, it did not work this way in reality. I went to Sunway Pyramid 2 the next day after i got back, and i realised that stuff here is way more expensive than that in UK. I guess i'm equating ringgit to pounds! imagine a baby-T which cost RM69 = 69 pounds! hahaha! well oh well, i just dont know why, but i feel more comfortable in UK than in my own countryland. Gosh, i'm missing Glasgow alrdy. how am i gona survive this?

thankfully, malaysian food came to my rescue. knowing that im a total sucker for any malaysian food, i went straight to the mamak on the night i touched down KLIA. roti telur bawang and teh olimau ais was my first meal in malaysia. fantastic! haha xD of course, i went hunting around for all i wanted to eat on the following day, and on the subsequent days after that. in summary, ive eaten lots of yummy food, but theres still alot more that im yet to taste! haha...ive had pan mee, char kuey teow, chee cheong fun, nasi lemak, asam laksa, my nyonya kuih, popiah, loklok, ais kacang, all my fruits!!! especially with the fruit season around with all the mangosteens, duku langsat, and rambutans flooding the pasar malams and the pasar pagi! hahahaha.....ive eaten dozens of it now.

upcoming eating plans? haha...of course my ikan bakar, hakka mee, wan tan mee, fried lo bak koh, dim sum, pork noodles, mamak maggi mee goreng, hokkien mee, wat tan hor, what else? hmm...lots and lots more of course! wait till i post all the drooling pics up! hahaha..

look out for it!

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