Sunday, August 10, 2008

price hike!

this is way too much.......

lets not talk about Scotland. This is Malaysia. Lets compare ringgit to ringgit.

cheapest bowl of noodles: RM3.80 (S), RM 4.30 (L)
my takoyaki!!!! RM4.30, used to be RM3.50 *ouch*
asam mango : RM2.50...used to be RM1 the most? RM2?
popiah: 1 piece RM1.80, used to be at most RM1.50?

and many many more....mostly everything has increased in price..
if i'll be earning in pound sterling, then i won't care. gona earn ringgit!?!

what is the value of money nowadays?
like peanuts!

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Alison Chang said...

hi alicia! link me!! alison here. hahaha xD