Friday, August 8, 2008

keratosis pilaris

see that????............thats my leg! =(

its a condition that i've self-diagnosed it as something known as keratosis pilaris. As a pharmacist now, *officially* *hehe* i suspect that i'm having this rare, believed to be genetically inherited disease! yikes! mom n dad? own up..who of u has this? haha!

ok..according to wikipedia, and other related web searches, this is a totally harmless condition, also known as 'chicken skin' which more commonly affect women than men of young age. Symptoms usually diminish after the age of 30. *aiks, that means i have 7 more years to wait before i can have unblemish smooth Snow-White skin?? =.="*

this condition usually worsens in the winter when the atmosphere and air is dry, *ouch, useless Scottish weather! destroy my 'sexy' legs* xD AND...worse of all!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no specific treatment for this skin condition, UNFORTUNATELY! many random treatments have been tried and tested, yet there has been no absolute success in any! how sad....

Treatment suggestions: use of an exfoliator, luffa, vaseline..or if in desperate times : treat yourself with a corticosteroid???? whatde.........

I totally need any advice or help..if possible, any professional advice anybody?haha! legs are screamingggggggggggg for helpppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!anybody??



Yannee said...

i used to haf a few small patches over my arms and one of the pharmacists i met a few years ago told me it might be a harmless fungal infection... hahaha
but *touchwood* its gone now... :)

aLLy said...

FUNGAL?? that sounds worsee!!
hahaha... my spotty legs cant take any fluconazole or an antifungal alike-creams man. haha. thx for the comforting words though! =)

Khai Yong said...

hui mei had it for awhile
it just went away on its own
u have nothing to worry about

aLLy said...

she did?? lets hope it goes away REALLLYY soon! poor legs =.=