Thursday, September 25, 2008


super pissed!!!!!!

ok.the news has been spreading around that u can call up KKM and ask for where u're gonna be posted to, and not just sit and wait for the letter.FINE! i've been calling the whole afternoon today, and nobody seem to pick up my call! FINE! knowing how government services work, slow and steady konon, i patiently waited, kept on trying and redailing the number.

finally, when i got through, this guy tells me that he can't tell me where i'll be posted to just yet, because things are not confirmed yet, and that all info about posting told to the rest of my friends are all bullshit, things might changed, and blablabla...

what the hell are they doing taking so darn long just to place us? i had my interview on the 27th August. whats the date today man! and he says tentatively i'll only start working in november.blardy so not gona bother about working with them anymore, am just gona start seeing which pharmacy wants me, am gona start working by october on my own. if the letter comes, i'll work with them. if it doesnt, thats just too bad..

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