Monday, September 29, 2008

P.S I love you

i just got bck from Station ONE Cafe in Taipan, USJ. kinda cool place, with live music and all..ahha..

orite..i am done reading P.S I Love You by Cecilia Ahern. Comments?

Ok..I am no avid story book reader whatsoever, but I have read a couple of books in the past, and did not finish many coz it was just not good enough, in whatever sense that means, to make me 'addicted' and 'stuck' to it. Somehow, this book is one of the few books that made me addicted some way. When u finish one chapter, u wanna continue reading the next chapter and so fourth, and before u know it, the whole afternoon is gone, and ur done with half of the book or something like that.

ok. cut the crap.

so, synopsis? Is just a simple story revolving around this lady, Holly who has recently lost her husband, Gerry who died from a brain tumour. Life was sucky for her after his death. She was all messed up, no longer herself, just couldn't accept the fact that he died. Knowing this, he left her like 10 letters, one for each month, each containing a list of things that she should do after his death, coz he knew beforehand that she would not be able to cope with his death. Kinda like the '10 Commandments' in the Bible. So, there she goes....opening each letter at the 1st day of every month. At the end of each letter, he writes, 'P.S. I love you'. So, there u go...she dreadfully goes thru the things that she would never ever do, if her late husband did not 'order' her to, from cleaning his wardrobe, finding a job right up till forgetting him and find a new true love. What i don't like is the dumb. A true love comes about, a guy named Daniel...and she just rejects him, coz she cant forget her late husband, who is like alrdy dead!!! Lady...move on man!!! emo man this story..lols.

haha..but overall, i enjoyed reading it! and now i need to read a new book...Recommendations anyone?


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