Wednesday, September 24, 2008

when im bored...

I YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
youtube rox!!!!!!!!!!

ok.what i have been up to lately? well, waiting for my letter to know where i'll be posted and when to start working..but it seems like the waiting never ends..and with raya around the corner, i doubt those ppl will work like a cow rite? thanks to the fasting and raya month, my posting is pushed aside! grrr..*my patience has its limits!!*

in order to keep myself occupied, i've been youtubing alot these u can see, my last post was a new found fav song, which i think is so cool! coz it was all self-composed by this parmejo guy! it gives me that kinda ALL4ONE grp or some BOYZ2MEN grp feel..missing that kinda songs lately. well, this parmejo guy is definitely something!

i'm gonna post another clip at the end of this post.
and is this another super-talented guy which calls himself by the name of ajrafael. ok. this guy beats the rest la.he's at my top position list of the MOST TALENTED PERSON I'VE SEEN. haha! its not about how many instruments he plays, from the clips, he seems to play the piano and guitar really well. but that is not the thing that amazes me. The best part is he comes up with this fantastically self-composed songs, with so well written lyrics, which just clicks so well with the song.i'm totally lost for words!!!how can somebody be so talented? and he's only 19 yrs old! imagine whats gonna be of him when he learns all sorts of musical skills, as he just enrolled himself in the Berkeley College School of Music, Boston. haha! i'm just so so amazed me its no easy to composed a song and put the right lyrics in at the right time! i've composed a couple of songs, but not with well-fitted/well-written lyrics,though its kinda fine coz it was for church purposes. well oh well, this ppl are just so gifted! i really look up on them!=)

what else? oh i've been reading!! haha..i know im no bookworm, but ive been reading a little ever since i was in Glasgow a year ago. no idea why, maybe interests do change after certain age..haha! well, is this book written by Cecelia Ahern, called P.S. I love you.
I know this book has been out for quite sometime, coz I remember seeing it in MPH kinda couple months back. claimed to be an international bestseller halfway thru it, and i think its kinda inspirational and heart-touching.haha...kinda burned a hole in my pocket though.RM.35.90!! As u see, I dont usually spend on books, I dont even read often! why is there a need for me to put my money in books?haha! so this is really an awfully huge sum of money for me! it better be worth it..tell u once im done with the book.

alrite.thats it for now.i'll post the clip up for u guys to listen.


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